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The Growth and Competitiveness Project (GCP) was financed by an International Development Association (IDA) Grant over a period of five years (2010-2015).

As a USD3M World Bank’s investment aimed at increasing tourism competitiveness and productivity in The Gambia, this evaluation project is part of the post-award assessment, aiming to:

- evaluate the contribution of GCP’s tourism-supported activities in the tourism sector and especially to tourist arrivals in both traditional and non-traditional source markets
- evaluate the TMC’s marketing initiatives and document the lessons learned during such promotional campaigns
- assess the likely impacts of the tourism support including the GTHI; outlining sustainability strategies
- evaluate the institutional arrangements of the tourism support with a view to highlighting issues that may require corrective/promotional measures.

Key findings

Findings of this evaluation contributed to the World Bank's evaluation presented in
Effective start/end date3/11/1420/12/14


  • gambia
  • gorwth and competitiveness project
  • world bank


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