EuWatHer - European Waterways Heritages

  • Ravenscroft, Neil (PI)
  • Gilchrist, Paul (PI)
  • Taylor, Becky (CoI)
  • Vallerani, Francesco (CoPI)
  • Visentin, Francesco (CoI)
  • Zijlmans, Kitty (CoI)
  • Heuvel, van den, Maartje (CoI)
  • Bertens, Laura (PI)
  • Pavon, David (CoI)
  • Roset, Dolores (CoI)
  • Ribas Palom, Anna (CoI)
  • Ricart Casadevall, Sandra (CoI)
  • Opmeers, Mark (PI)
  • Eulisse, Eriberto (CoI)
  • Higham, Stephen (CoI)
  • Rogers, Lucy (CoI)
  • Maarleveld, Marleen (CoI)
  • Brouwer, Jaap (CoI)


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Earth & Environmental Sciences

Social Sciences