EMPOWERing individuals and communities to manage their own CARE

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EMPOWERCARE – is a thirty-three-month project involving 13 cross border European partners. It is part of the Interreg VA 2Seas Mers Zeeën and has been awarded more than 4 million euros in funding by the European Regional Development Fund.
The project involves partners coming together to co-create and test social innovations and digital health solutions to make local services more efficient and effective to address societal challenges in the 2Seas area. 

Community Asset Based Development approaches will get to the heart of what matters most to local communities by harnessing skills and expertise of local people, co-creating innovations that make a real difference to lives, health and wellbeing. 
The 13 partners from the UK, the Netherlands, France and Belgium are working together to develop a holistic approach to respond to current gaps in the care of people aged 65+ and those aged 50+ and living with a chronic condition.

EMPOWERCARE aims to deliver:
>An empowerment strategy to deliver what matters to individuals and communities in order to manage their own care
>A package of resources to enable transformation of the workforce>A Technology Blueprint on initiatives and technology that support enablement at individual and community level
>A comprehensive evaluation report on the value of the EMPOWERCARE approach (Strategy, Workplace Transformation, and Technology Blueprint)

The University of Brighton is responsible for the Technology Blueprint on initiatives and technology that support enablement at individual and community level. 
We will work along with citizens, carers and healthcare professionals, at the Digital Health Living Lab to co-create, trial and evaluate digital health solutions that would be able to implemented across the borders and healthcare systems.
Effective start/end date1/01/2030/09/22


  • Interreg VA 2 Seas


  • Digital Health
  • Elder care
  • Co creation
  • Empowerment


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