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Applied Data Analytics REG image credit Clint Adair on UnsplashVast amounts of data are generated every day: from the text and visual content placed online by users and providers, to innumerable IoT data streams and the click trails and other collateral data emanating from users’ interaction with the online world, we need better methods to make sense of, manage, organise, visualise, utilise and monetise data.

The common aim in all data analytics is to turn data into information, and ultimately knowledge, that can be used to add value to businesses, help people lead healthier lives at all ages, optimise manufacturing processes, and enrich user experiences.

The Applied Data Analytics Research Group’s expertise is grounded in new and established methods and tools from computer science, statistics and mathematics including a wide range of machine learning and statistical modelling techniques. Building on these are more specialised approaches for the analysis of textual, image and structured numerical data. We have worked with a wide range of specific data types, including social media posts, free-text user comments, medical images, user-generated photographs, geolocation data, corporate and financial data, product lifecycle and PPS data, food labels, genomic data and medical data. This expertise in data methods and data types is complemented by specialisation in three application domains: (1) Health (BSMS: Ford, Cassell, Bremner, van Marwijk; PABS: Smith; CEM: Belz); (2) Business intelligence (UoB SPPO: Mullick; CEM: Chernov); and (3) Manufacturing processes (CEM: Song, Belz, Wang).

Group leader:  Professor Karen Cham, Professor in Digital Transformation Design at the University of Brighton

Group members at the University of Brighton:

Dr Alexey Chernov, Senior Lecturer

Professor Anya Belz, Professor of Computer Science 

Mr Ran Song, Senior Lecturer

Dr Yan Wang, Principal Lecturer

Dr Khuong Nguyen, Lecturer

Ragshree Sinha, Lecturer

Group members at Brighton and Sussex Medical School:

Dr Stephen Bremner, Senior Lecturer in Medical Statistics 

Professor Jackie Cassell, Head of the Department of Primary Care and Public Health & Director of Knowledge Exchange

Dr Elizabeth Ford, Lecturer in Research Methodology

Professor Harm Van Marwijk, Professor in General Practice


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